He stepped off the stage feeling like a king. She saw this, but she felt indifferent towards his boastfulness. Although she thought he could do better, she paid him the glace of ‘feel good about yourself now’.

There was another guy toward the left, he was just looking at them both and the chemistry that effused from them. He was not a stalker, only an admirer. His name was Japheth.

There was something cold about the place. Something dark that made Japheth imagine snakes gliding on the wall. He knew he had to get out to somewhere safe, somewhere they won’t find him, somewhere away from their deadly music. He headed for the door and left with a thud and into the sunlight. The outside was so bright that it blinded him. He was walking on white space. There were no buildings, no cars, nothing, just white.

Japheth walked for a while and then he ran and ran and ran. Still white, everything. And then he stopped, turned around and ran back toward the theatre, but there was nothing there anymore, the white had covered it all.

His name was Mavin and her name, Lucia. They cornered Japheth and took his hands and led him away. He slept, he was tired. Lucia smiled and Mavin smiled and they both bent down to make sure Japheth was okay, and that his head was positioned well. Mavin was a singer and Lucia was his girlfriend, they were both World Travellers.

They dropped Japheth gently unto the white ground and Mavin strapped his guitar and started playing. Japheth was quite awake now. He could see the white fading and he could see what appeared like a streaming of worlds, all so fast. And it stopped. Japheth looked around, he saw buildings, roads, cars, people.

He was home.

It felt good to be home. It felt safe to be home. Japheth looked at the World Travellers and he smiled in thanks. They smiled back. Mavin strapped his guitar again and played, and they were gone.

Another soul to save.

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