Diplomacy: the downside

I always pride myself on being dynamically diplomatic, on being ruthlessly neutral on most issues. Meaning that no matter how tight the argument is, I can always put myself in the shoes of everyone; in a way trying to please everyone. This is a problem.

Being diplomatic isn’t particularly a bad thing, but in our world today it somewhat places you at a disadvantage. You are seen as WEAK and easily prodded by the arrogant. People are generally arrogant; taking sides and sticking rigidly to them. The diplomat must perfect the skill of neutrality. But in today’s world, neutrality = weakness.

I think it is very useful for one to be arrogant a bit, to speak up for convictions in life. The diplomatic is seen as weak, maybe even lazy. People don’t understand that diplomacy is a hard-earned skill, they don’t care. Arguments pop up every day and the diplomat tries so hard not to take sides, therefore he’s seen as ‘boring’, “He stands for nothing. He’s a weakling. He’s scared of conflict…”

This is the reason why arrogant people continue to rule the world. Diplomats are gentle and the rest of the world is thuggish. The gentle ones don’t make it far in today’s world. It takes more brute than diplomacy.

So you out there, stop trying to please everyone! Get angry! Say something! Shout! Take a side for a change (not an irrational side though). I’m not saying lose hold of yourself, I’m simply saying go wild for a change.

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