Fight for independence

The desire to be truly independent is one that comes with the realisation of certain realities. As time goes on you begin to be aware of certain forces/compulsions that prod you into deep thoughts of independence. You begin to come to terms with the reality that you might be ‘trapped’ by these forces; be it family, be it friends, be it even you.

There’s an urge to break out of this abyss of dependence, a struggle for a mind of your own, free of expectations and traditions.

You know you’re weak, you know the reason why you can’t break out of the bondage; you feel too much, you please too much, you acquiesce too much. So you come to the realisation that you need to be stubborn, you need to damn the consequences, you need an OUT.

So what do you do? You pack your bag and leave. You stop thinking for everyone around you. You stop feeling. You break out of the chains of tradition and expectations. Yes you can. Stop thinking what they’d think. You didn’t come to this world for them. We all came to this world on our own. Yes, they’ve catered for you most of your life, yes, memories, but you now have to get out and cater for others. You can’t do this while still in the unit.

The road to freedom is paved with many trials and tribulations. No one said it’s going to be easy leaving family or friends or any other close unit that influence you. You lived with them most of your life as a youth, you’ve built memories with them, therefore it isn’t going to be easy leaving them. But you have to! You have to break away from the chains of expectations! Slap yourself in the face if you have to, do something! Be free!

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