Journey in hail

We in the car. Mum and dad are at the front, Julia and I are behind. We are driving through a hail. The wipers are screeching against the windscreen. It feels so cold inside and a hundred times more outside. No one’s talking, we are all focused on getting to grandma’s. She hasn’t been feeling too well lately.

The car jerks suddenly and stops.

“Shit!” Dad says, “Not now, not now.”

“Just be careful, honey,” mum says as dad opens the door to check out what’s wrong.

We feel the surge of stiffening wind fill the car. I shiver. I draw Julia close so she feels less cold.

Snow is really knocking the glass, in an almost orderly fashion. I look at the glass but I can’t see through as it’s covered in mist. I clean it a bit with the sleeve of my jacket. Outside is covered in snow. I wonder how dad’s faring outside. The heater went off when the car stopped so now we’re feeling really cold.

The snow is knocking hard against the glass again. It’s getting harder. Mum looks at the glass. “What’s that?” she asks. I stare in confusion, at this rate the snow’s going to break the glass. Julia hugs me tight in fear. The gale dwindles yet again and the knocking stops.

After a few seconds, I hear three knocks at the glass, followed by a pause and then three knocks again. This can’t be snow. I peak through the glass again.

“Argh!!!” I skreak

“What’s wrong?” mum asks.

She obviously didn’t see what I saw. There was an old man with a burnt face looking back at me. His face was really messed up and his eyes were red.

Dad was making some metallic sounds at the bonnet, but now there’s no more sound.

“Mum, I think dad’s in danger.”

“What do you mean? He’s fixing the car,” she replies.

We waited, and still no sound from the bonnet.

“Two of you, wait in here, let me see what your dad’s up to,” mum says.

She steps out of the car. Minutes passed and nothing from either dad or mum. The gale has intensified.

“I’m scared,” Julia says.

I hold her tight. I too am beginning to get scared. Wind gathers around the car and jerks us up a little. A stronger force prods the car, and this time Julia and I grab our seats. An even stronger force breezes by and this time the glass shatters. Julia and I close our eyes in fear. The menace stops. We open our eyes.


The old man with the most horrible face ever is in the car, looking back at us.


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