Happiness formula 

It is possible to be successful and be unhappy. In fact, it is a very common situation today.

Many people are unhappy. Why is this? 

Unhappiness is the result of demanding too much from life. Too many dreams and aspirations can make one unhappy, and when we can’t achieve those lofty goals, sadness and depression kick in. That’s why you see many rich but unhappy people, they have the money but they don’t have peace of mind.  

So what is the secret to happiness? 

Accept more, change less. 

You have to accept that at a given time there are things you can’t change, things that are meant to be. And there are some things that you can change as well. Point is you can’t change everything about your life. 

Remember that no one is perfect, we are all flawed. You can’t change everything. Not changing nothing is unideal, we all need to grow in life, but you can’t tackle every potential problem in life. So if you want to be happy in life, accept some things about your life and change some, one at a time. 

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