The guy that didn’t believe

Some weeks ago, I was travelling by bus from Abuja to Lagos, and while the bus was loading I saw this guy sitting at the boot of the bus with his laptop. I walked up to him and asked a question, “Excuse me, are you by chance a web designer?” He answered affirmatively. I went ahead to tell him about my startup and my current milestone of designing a topnotch e-commerce website. He gave me some compelling ideas. I could tell he was smart, he knew his work. This is the guy I need, I thought.

As we started on the  journey, we talked more about the different aspects of website design. He further proved my impression of him right. Toward the end of the journey, I told him my partner and I were going to get back to him, and I bade him farewell. I was really enthusiastic about this guy’s services. In fact, as time went on I talked to my partner about having this guy on the team (it was a move that was going to cut costs of patronizing a web design company). My partner suggested that we talk to him about it.

We met, the three of us, and my partner re-introduced the business vision and his stake in the business. But he refused to work with us, stating that he was already working on a startup, and that he’d prefer to be contracted than to be on a team of passionate entrepreneurs. There was no need to convince him. He was the guy that didn’t believe.


    1. That’s not the case. He stated specifically that he likes to work on contract only. And the startup he is working on is as per contract as well. He prefers to be paid than to hustle for a business idea.


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