Your guardian angel

When I was starting out, I talked to so many people about my business idea, family and family friends alike. I specifically targeted my Aunt in Abuja because I knew of her capacity to support my startup. I was hellbent on making her interested in the business idea. I also talked to a family friend who runs a tailoring business of her own. She immediately keyed into the idea and was very encouraging. She assured me that she would support me whenever she was capable. This made me feel so good, to know that someone has my back. There was no other feeling like it.

Everybody needs that somebody they can lean on in time of need. This is a fact of life and business. As a budding entrepreneur as myself, you need a mentor. Your mentor is like a guardian angel that watches your back. Every young business person needs that experienced person that can correct them before they make a mistake. Your mentor can also support you financially. I will narrate in a subsequent post how to go about attracting investment.

Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a mentor? Comment below how you met your mentor.

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