Julia the Catwoman?

PC: Getty

Three lives, six more to go. Julia Monaco was right at the epicenter of the London, Paris, and now the Barcelona attack. Let’s observe a minute of silence for the casualties…

Now back to Julia, how could she possibly survive 3 catastrophic events? And how come she was there at all these different times? These are the kind of things we watch in movies, where a character like Julia ends up being and undercover agent or something, or we find out that she’s linked to the attacks somehow.

It happens that she was shopping in Las Ramblas when the white Fiat van literally ran over a crowd, killing 13 and injuring many others.

In her words, “In a split second it became absolute pandemonium.”

I can only imagine; the screams, the running for safety, sheer panic. No one deserves to go through these horrible attacks. I mean, we come across vehicles every day, but then little do we think that they are actually weapons. Anyone could use a car to clear a crowd. We saw this happen in Berlin, Germany, where a truck deliberately drove into people killing 12 and injuring others.

We really need to be careful out there because most of the every-day objects we use could actually be weapons in a terror attack.

As for Julia, well, what can I say… be careful.

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