Hurricane Harvey; weird things happening

One thing I hope about hurricane Harvey is that people in remote areas who were reluctant to relocated have enough food and drink, because lack of food in an hurricane is something that can kill faster than the hurricane itself.


The sheer force of the wind indicated by swaying trees. (Getty)



The storm has progressed to a category 4 storm with winds blowing at over 130 mph.


Gators washed up ashore, residents warned to stay at least 30m clear.


There are gory pics of flood and broken electric poles, and capsized cars. Havoc that would probably take years to undo.


Multiple car smash, insurance gotta pay (Tammy Audi).


About 1800 military personnel, Red Cross and Coast Guard, have been deployed to Texas where the hurricane wreaks havoc to help with the clean up.

My thought, and a billion others go out to those affected by the catastrophe.



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