Serena Williams welcomes daughter

Serena Williams… that name packs a punch in the world of sports. Her front stroke packs more than a punch, I’m sure of that.

Well, the strong and beautiful Serena has brought forth child and it’s such a wonderful time for her; holding her baby girl, breastfeeding, the smiles, the moments, everything. I’m so happy for her.

Serena Williams. Photo: MARIO TESTINO

She’s ever so agile on the court and a beauty to watch. And little surprise how she’s bagged 23 grand titles. I bet she’d be looking to get out there again and do what her passion dictates.

More info below as seen on UPI (link).


Serena Williams and fiance Alexis Ohanian, Reddit cofounder, have welcomed a daughter, sources at the Florida hospital where the tennis star gave birth said Friday.

Personnel at the St. Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach Gardens told WPEC-TV that Serena Williams, 35, was induced to give birth Thursday and the baby was born Friday.

The hospital’s entire first floor was cleared Wednesday when Serena Williams checked in. Anyone wanting to enter must go through security.

Asked about reports of her sister giving birth, fellow tennis star Venus Williams told ESPN, “obviously I am super excited and words can’t describe it.”

The baby’s name has yet to be revealed.

Williams announced her pregnancy in April after getting engaged to Ohanian in December. She said in an interview with The Telegraph published in August that she’s already anticipating her return to tennis.

“I am looking forward to becoming a mother and coming back to the courts already,” the star said. “I’m always thinking about what’s next: the next victory, the next trophy.”

“I intend to keep exercising for as long as possible while pregnant,” she added. “I want the baby to be healthy for for that you need a healthy life. Also, when I come back to tennis it’ll be better if I’ve kept as fit as possible all the way through the pregnancy.”



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