Washington must prepare for nuclear attack by N. Korea, says U.S senator

Washington State senator, Mark Miloscia, says the State must prepare for imminent attack as the threats from N. Korea stiffen.

Senator Mark Miloscia has warned that Washington must prepare for imminent attack by North Korea

“In the Cuban Missile Crisis we had the institution of the red phone, and various ways of contacting each other militarily to make sure we don’t escalate.

“None of that exists with North Korea. With the current regime, we don’t even have anything close to the controls over the relationships we had with the Soviet Politburo and its leaders.

“And I don’t think they have any sort of rational contact with any of their neighbours that we can deal with… Given that, we hope for the best but we have to plan for the worst.”

“We should have some sort of pre-planned response ready,” he said. “Because the threat is growing and the threat is starting to become imminent. And not to do so would be a dereliction of duty.”

Could he be overreaching comparing these times with the Cold War?

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