Hey 24




I’m sorry about your work. Bosses are like that everywhere. I think you should try getting closer to him. Bosses have emotions too, you know. I spoke to my mum. She said she called you. She said she could tell something was going on between us. I didn’t tell her much though. I just told her you were busy with work and couldn’t be around like you used to. But I think she still knows. But whatever. A neighbour asked of you the other day. I just said you had a new job and you had to travel a lot. I never knew people took note of us. Everyone in the building minds their own business. It’s just strange. Why do people get so concerned when things change around them? I think people are scared of change. Could that be why I’m writing to you, because I’m scared of change too, because I’m fighting the thought that we’re no longer together?


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