Hey 27




I woke up with a banging headache today. I think I drank too much yesterday. Way too much actually. And it’s really unlike me. I feel I’m dealing with too much right now. You know what’s worse than drinking? Drinking alone. That shit scares the shit out of me. But I did it anyways. And I feel good, besides the headache. And what’s even better is that I wasn’t thinking about you. Maybe I’m actually moving on. I feel light. Like a boulder has been lifted off my head. I’m thinking of taking a stroll today. Of course not in the room. Out. Remember how I pace up and down my room? I’m pacing more these days. I do it when I write. It helps the ideas flow around better. I was actually writing yesterday when I thought I should have a drink. I called the bar downstairs and ordered some bottles. Just beer, but it did the trick. The drinking was depressing, but the aftereffect is just sublime. Now I know why most legendary writers drank a lot. It kinda opens you up. I’m going to write today. Wish me luck.

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