Hi again

Hello guys, I’m back again.

You know there’s something about writing that eases tensions in the body. I mean, writing doesn’t always have to be grand stories and whatnot. What if I just write how I feel, like a journal?


Quick question: have you ever thought about the shape of paragraphs? Do you think there might be some hidden meaning to them? Look at my ‘Anyways…’ up there and compare it with the ones before, it’s kinda lonely, like it needs friends around. But I don’t care, anyways.

So let’s tell each other a story.

There’s a girl, on her bed right now. It’s dark, somewhere on the planet, like here in Nigeria. She’s not so happy, no specific reason though. She’s on her phone, of course, I mean, what else would she be doing. She’s hoping for love, for something deeper than the mundanity of life. She longs for more, whatever more means, anything but this, her life. Not that her life is so bad, but she just longs, she doesn’t even know why she longs, maybe it’s just sexy to long for things.

So back to reality. You know how I do this? I just let my heart out, feel everybody’s happiness and sorry and joy and fatigue. There’s more to people than meets the eye.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you’d never forget!”

He whips his son over and over as he repeats the words.

“Ouch!” his son screams.

“Dad, you’re so wicked, you’re always beating me,” the son says amid the all too familiar whips.

“You dare tell me I’m wicked? You will die today. You will tell me if you have another father somewhere else.”

And the whipping continues.

That’s someone’s story up there. But as a writer I ask myself, ‘How much can I really tell if not in bits and pieces?’ Because there’s A LOT to tell. Pain, sorrow, joy, love, agony, name it. It’s all there.

If you ever wondered your place in life, just look to the evening sky and know that there’s a star up there for you. Uh… not so sure, but just follow the words.

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