Okay, guys, what am I gonna write about this time?

First, how do I feel? I feel a bit messed up. Something happened I can’t tell you about. Sorry. But, you know, how’s you at your end? I hope all is fine with you, reader. Just keep in mind that life is not a bed of roses (I hate talking quotes, sounds like preaching).

What else should I say? Okay, let me tell you a little story.

There’s this grumpy guy about to board a bus. He’s the unhappy kind, the kind that never goes to work happy, always grumpy and sad.

So he boards this bus, and inevitably gets into an argument with a passenger.

“You can’t talk to me that way. Are you mad?” he says.

“Do you have a problem? Big fool,” the other passenger defends.

And on and on they go. And I’m in that bus, and I’m like;

“Can’t you guys just shut it?”

And on cue, they descend on me.

“Who begged you to interrupt?”

And I’m like, “Sorry, didn’t mean to, but if you guys could just bring it down a bit, some of us are trying to get into work mode here.”

“What is this one saying?” in a harsh tone…

I just knew they couldn’t help themselves, so I let them rant. And when it was time to get off the bus, off I went. And life was good. And that is the end of the story.

Oops, sorry if it wasn’t what you were expecting. But as I said, bad mood.

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