Have you ever thought it’s a Sunday when it’s a Saturday? This shit has been happening to me today, all day.

Tunde had an interview for Tuesday the following week. It was Sunday, and he was looking up to the next day because he thought Monday was Tuesday.

He got to the venue of the interview and he walked into the office.

“Good morning. My name is Tunde and I have an interview here today for 10 pm.”

“Uh…,” hummed the receptionist, “Let me clarify that, you just have a seat.”


The receptionist entered into another room and was out in a minute.

“Tunde, I’m sorry your interview is not scheduled today.”

“What do you mean?” poor Tunde asked.

“Your interview is scheduled for 10 pm on Tuesday. That would be tomorrow.”

‘Shit,’ Tunde thought in his mind, ‘you didn’t! What the fuck is wrong with you?’

Long story short, poor dude had to go home and return the following day.

Morale of the story; it’s human to forget. But how hard are we on ourselves when we forget? Do you nag all day or just accept your human nature?

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