Harry and Megan: The royal wedding

His Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex… Hold on a minute. Remove Sus from Sussex, what do you have left? Don’t judge me, cos that was the only thing I saw in that eternally long title. Sex, lots of sex. Isn’t that what’s meant to happen after marriage? Sex leading to kids and more sex leading to even more kids (the latter a beautiful thing, but the process… phew!).

So let’s talk about the wedding proper.

There’s talk about how the invitation was made (all the boring processes). Also talk about the venue and history and all the other boring stuff. But let’s talk about the center of attraction here; Meghan Markle. Isn’t she a beauty? From her days in Suits, I just knew there was something about her that made her different (lying!). But hey, we gotta say nice things about the bride, right? But she’s got that kinda balanced face, epitome of beauty, not wide, not too slim. Prince Harry (oops.. HRHDOS) on the other hand is just my kinda guy, normal, not trying to impress.

What is the take-home for spinsters around the world? I can tell you how the spinsters in Nigeria are reacting. But give me a moment to pity them first (that elusive husband garnished in the cloak of wishful thinking, that husband that would never come). Okay, pity party over. They’re saying stuff like, “It doesn’t matter the age,” and “Patient dog eats the fattest bone (sounds like doggy to me), and “Marriage isn’t about tribe or class,” you know, stuff like that. Oops… I almost forgot. And “Every divorcee deserves a second shot at a happy union.” I would say that every single mother deserves a chance at a happy union.

Now, back to reality. I wanna ask a philosophical question: what is the difference between Harry-Meagan’s wedding and any other wedding in the world? No, take a moment to think it through. I mean, if they were in my horror stories and I tore them down to bare bones, that’s what they’d be, bones (calcium), and we are all made of bones. So, what makes Prince Harry’s bones any different from mine? LOL! I bet mine are even harder in some areas (not that bone, dummy, the real bone. Ugh!)

(and sorry, no pictures. I prefer to write the thousand words than show them in pixels)

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