Hi there

Hello anyone at the end of this conversation. I just wanna write to you because it’s a beautiful day and I’m looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby! I think I wanna marry you.

Marry… sigh. Well, love is a beautiful thing. And why not if not. So go on, express yourself, fall in love, fall deeper, hit the ground, knock it off, and get married. Yea, you definitely would hit the ground (did you actually think you were gonna keep falling in a bottomless abyss?) Says the guy not in love, but in love. It’s complicated.

I know you can’t ask me how my day went so I’d just tell you. Well, day went like work. And work went like any other day, less stressful though, I must say. I didn’t catch much sleep, in fact, my last post was at 4 something a.m. So what I should be doing now is like forcing myself to sleep. But I don’t do force. Forcing yourself to sleep is like forcing someone to love you. Just won’t work.

So ask me what’s cooking… something’s cooking for sure. It’s a bit complicated recipe, but it’s cooking all the same. You know what I mean, right? A storie (story). It’s brewing in my mind’s eye. Two actually. I’m deliberating, but perfection is in the writing and not the planning (who said that?).

Well, let this not only be about me. How’s you too?

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