17/06/2018 9:02

Hello readers, how have you been? How is your day and how are things turning up?

This post is to update you on the title of the blog/site. It has changed. From Victor Enesi Writes to I AM A BOOK.

What warranted the change?

I just felt finished products wasn’t it. A writer goes through so much thinking and deliberation in writing a book, and an editor puts in hours upon hours in finetuning the book to make it that finished product we pick up on the shelf in bookshops.

But what if we could know a writer’s thoughts and not just the finished product? Isn’t that a story on its own?

Which begs my description, The story behind the story.

Most books are not complete stories. Readers don’t know the pain and torture writers go through to dole out best-selling novels.

My mind snaps to Andy Weir, author of The Martian, at 39. What a book. What a story behind the book. What a person behind the book. Yea. Andy Weir is the real story; his thoughts, his doubts, his deliberations, his magical moments, his drought.

The author is the real story.

So the correct expression is not ‘have you read The Martian’ but ‘have you read Andy Weir’.

Well, I hope that my little gesture would shed light on the billions of unsaid words. And that someday a writer’s life will be more important than his products.



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